Alan Schmidt, Professional Voice Talent
Alan Schmidt
Professional Male Voice Talent
"Conversational, personable and friendly voice"

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The RIGHT voice that will bring your success to a higher level.
Soothing and friendly voice that will make people take notice and in contrast, an authoritative voice that commands attention.
Ability to convey a wide variety of emotions - spooky, comical, sarcastic, sincere, secretive, mysterious, serious, excited and many more
Fast turn-around time
Affordable prices

Professional Voice Over Talent. 
The Style You Want.  The Quality You Expect.

Commercial Voice Over Demo:

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What You Can Expect When You Work with Me

As a professional voice over artist, I understand that the success of your message is highly dependent upon the voice presenting it.  That means I understand that your success depends on me and my performance.

Because of that, I will only take on your project if I feel it is within my strong points and that I have the ability to deliver the specific sound you desire. 

When you work with me, you can expect to work with someone who is focused, has a great voice and a natural feel for what tones, pitches and rhythm will work well with your script. 

However, you can also expect to work with someone who can (and will) put their ego aside and take direction. I always strive to improve and a big part of that is being teachable. I’m very teachable!

You can expect me to maintain a professional and enthusiastic attitude even when the going gets tough.  And most importantly, you can expect top quality results that are delivered on time, every time. 

I trust you will give me the opportunity to bring your success to a higher level.  Contact me today by filling out my online contact form or by calling me at 605-610-5847.

Professional Voice Over Services

Commercial Voice Overs – Internet, Radio and TV – Persuasive, yet natural. Conversational, yet enticing. Successful commercials use a voice that connects with the listener on an emotional level.  I can make your commercial sound interesting, sincere and believable.  Contact me today about your commercial voice over project.
Promotion Voice Overs - A promotional needs to provoke your listeners into acting quickly in order to take advantage of your special offer.  My voice can help make your promotion exciting, interesting and engaging.  Contact me and let’s get started on your promotion voice over.
Movie Trailer Voice Overs - Movie trailers are a powerful means of promotion that can spark immediate interest or cause a ho-hum reaction.  My voice can add drama, intrigue or suspense to your movie trailer presentation.  Contact me to get started on your movie trailer voice over.
Narrations Voice Overs- Narrations need to hold the attention of the listener and keep them engaged.  My voice can help convey the proper mood and emotion to keep things interesting.  Contact me and let’s get started on your narration voice over.
Audiobook Voice Overs – Whether your audiobook is fiction or nonfiction, the listener needs to stay engaged and entertained. My exceptional narration and acting skills will result in an audiobook that will capture your listener’s attention and keep them happily listening for hours.  Contact me today and let’s get started on your audiobook voice over.
E-learning Voice Overs – An instructor's voice needs to hold the listener's attention for long periods of time in order to avoid boredom or inattentiveness.  I can accomplish that by using subtle variances in my voice to help keep things interesting.  Contact me today about your e-learning voice over.
Internet Video Marketing Voice Overs – As more and more people abandon the TV for the Web, the Internet video market continues to explode in popularity.  I can help make your Internet video a smashing success by giving it a voice that captures the attention of your listening audience.  Contact me and let’s get started on your Internet video voice over.
Product Demonstration DVD’s Voice Overs - People are in a hurry with little time to waste.  In order to be successful, a product demonstration DVD needs to immediately captivate the interest of the listener and create anticipation. My voice can bring excitement and energy to your presentation.  Contact me today about your product demonstration DVD.
Podcast Voice Overs – The voice behind your podcasts will either have your listeners smiling or cringing!  My voice can bring life to your script and spark a connection with your listeners.  Contact me for more information about podcast voice overs.
Power Point Presentation Voice Overs – Whether you are training your fellow employees or making a presentation to the board of the directors, I can give your Power Point presentation a voice over that will make you sound sharp, energetic, interesting and intelligent.  Contact me to get started on your Power Point voice over.
On Hold Message Voice Overs- A soothing, understanding voice can help keep people patiently holding for longer periods of time.  I can help you record on hold messages for your company that will keep your customers calm, cool and collected.   Contact me for more information about on hold message voice overs.
Video Game Voice Overs - Character voices make a video game seem more realistic and make the entire video game experience more enjoyable.  I can bring life to your characters and give them individual quirks and personalities that will keep your players entertained.  Contact me today about your video game voice over.
Jingles Voice Overs - A catchy tune can keep your message playing in the minds and mouths of your customers for an infinite amount of time.  But a good jingle needs to be backed by a memorable voice.  Let me help make your jingle a smash hit.  Contact me to get started on your jingle voice over.
Talking Website Voice Overs - A web site that talks – one that greets your visitors, provides explanations or supplies instructions - can help hold the attention of the visitor and keep them at your web site for longer periods of time.  I can help you make a lasting impression on your web site visitors.  Contact me for more information about talking web site voice overs.

What a Voice Over Artist Can Do For You

In a nutshell, a professional voice over artist can take your script and bring it to life!  Voice over artists are actors who are trained to use their voice in a way that sparks a connection with the listening audience and commands their attention.

So how exactly do they do that?

Let me explain.  In everyday conversation, people use different tones and pitches in their voices that reflect their mood or their emotions.  A voice can sound friendly or hostile, abrupt or polite, gentle or harsh, bored or energetic, confident or nervous depending solely upon the tone of voice being used.

The tone of voice is not only a reflection of the speaker’s emotions, but it’s what stirs up emotions of the listener and produces a reaction to what’s being said. 

A soothing tone of voice can calm nerves and actually slow down the beating of a heart.  A harsh voice can cause someone to burst into tears or ignite a fist fight.  A voice emitting a monotone can (and most likely, will!) cause the listener to roll their eyes and tune out. 

Do you see the pattern?  The tone of the speaker’s voice conveys an emotion that instantly sparks both an emotional and physical reaction out of the listener!

So how does this apply to voice overs?

A professional voice over artist combines their acting talent with their ability to vocalize a wide variety of tones and pitches and applies it to how they present your script.   

But that’s not all. 

A professional also knows when to speak softly or raise their voice, when to pause and when to speed up.   They know that every little nuance in their voice is going to have an effect on the listening audience and trigger a reaction from them.

Whether the purpose of your message is to entertain, sell a product, provide information or supply directions, it needs to be vocalized in a manner that obtains the desired reaction from the listening audience. 

In other words, the voice presenting the message needs to match the purpose of the message.  And a professional voice talent can get it done with results that are nothing short of amazing.

Contact me today by filling out my online contact form or by calling me at 605-610-5847.